Happy Holidays 2017 & Happy New Year 2018!

News 26 Dec 17

Reezom: we wish you a very happy festive season! have an amazing new Year! looking for special holidays’ jingle package and all the real melodies of Christmas? A jingle package which is a concept in itself: you will soon find your Christmas jingles rather bland in front of our musical compositions which are specially designed to celebrate Christmas time. It’s also a good way to empower your station.

RBR and FM103.7 Station Imaging and jingles

News 24 Jul 17

And here is the new jingle package for FM103.7. FM103.7 is a french station based in Acton Vale, Québec. This package offers a sung (resung) customized sung lines and sign off.

RBR is coming back to update its image and jingles. They have kept the same recipe including creativity and modernity. When we sing on an already made track, it becomes new again! Far away from the light copy we usually hear. RBR is a Martinique station, playing local hits by local artists.

O 97.3 FM Quebec

News 18 Jul 17

O97.3 from Quebec, Canada.

We sung O and loud ! It is the second time, we have been mandated to produce jingles and Ids for station O97.3 from Quebec. This station is adjacent to the group Attraction Radio. You’ll get a major jingle package with some customized lines. The tracks were, of course, all taken from our huge “in house composed” music library.

Fusion Caribbean radio jingles package and video

News 18 Jul 17

Fresh from the Caribbean, Reezom produced a brand new jingle and sung imaging package for FUSION, a new station in Martinique. This station, familiar with playing zouk music, used to be called Zouk Fm. Now reborn as Fusion, this station plays a variety of styles such as salsa, compa and zouk. Over time, it has become a very strong brand name and trusted playlist..

New jingles and video for Oxygene

News 19 Apr 17

Out Now !

Brand new jingles and videos for Oxygene, a hot French station in Paris suburbs. Have a listen on the Oxygene webpage !

Resung station Ids for CHR format

News 19 Oct 16

Sunfm jingles package will fit perfectly on a contemporary hit for CHR radio station. Every cut matches wonderfully with a CHR Playlist. The line has a warm and soulful quality. If your station
is an uptempo HotAC or CHR radio station, this package is a sure fit!

Resung Jingles Package for AC format

News 19 Oct 16

Mix 98 package is for AC format with a modern touch. It will blend perfectly with your AC Playlist. If your programming is a 50/50 mix of all-time favourites and latest hits, this is the ideal set up for you. It’s an effective, powerful and affordable starter package for any station looking for a professional “On air” sound and branding.

M105: New tag line and new jingles

News 29 Aug 16

This package portrays a true musical identity that allows this station to mark and sell its image, especially to advertisers. Branded with a new tag line on  M105 new jingles , this new package is re-crafted but with the same branding integration recipes.

New station Ids for CIMS FM

News 29 Aug 16

The CIMS FM mandates our studio to renew their on-air imaging. The overall packages contain up to 40 jingles each. The clients opted to vary the sound by commissioning 10 variations in each theme. This is the best option to ensure delivery of short and creative elements while guaranteeing a perfectly smooth transition between each track. A signature sound, sung and customized, ensures a greater impact and better retention by the listener.

Radio 8 : New jingles package

News 22 Jul 16

Radio 8 has just acquired brand new Imaging. It contains a series of 5 packages and top schedules.This means about FIFTY re-sung
jingles.. This is a musical subculture that allows this Radio Station to set up a customized signature sound, through themes and variations that are all very