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RADIO ONE | Custom jingles & News package – Mauritius

On-air jingles, news package, top of hour

Radio One Mauritius. Radio jingles and news package for the on-air programs and sung with a female voice. listen to those Custom Jingles produced for this radio station in Mauritius, first commercial radio station operating in Mauritius since 2002. Right next to the Reunion Island. That local radio with an info and music format wants to be anchored in the life of the island but also open to the international. Three frequencies have been allocated to it to enable it to cover the whole island. Our custom jingles are now broadcasted on these frequencies known to all and throughout Mauritius.

Our packages allow you to choose your jingle tracks from a library of musical compositions composed and produced in in-house in our studios. This allows you to adapt your imaging to your format. The option to order adapted, customized jingles based on our pre-produced original tracks made in-house, is an affordable option. Customization of original tracks in “Recall track mode” is how we start the process of creating a strong sonic identity for your brand and sonic branding has been proven to dramatically enhance listener recall.

Music is a powerful emotional vector that reinforces brand recognition and preference. Branding, i.e. sound jingles and logos, can be used at the outset as a sound cue to listeners for immediate brand recognition. This sound cue must be found on all your media. For your marketing and communication of your brand, we offer great visual branding in addition to audio branding. Check our youtube channel to see  promo videos and other visual content we have created for brands across the globe
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