Reinvent brand in an authentic way! RBR jingles repiquage Martinique

RBR | Reinvent a Brand, Imaging – Martinique

Reinvent a brand – RBR Martinique

Reinvent a brand in an authentic way! For the third time, RBR came to us to update its Station Imaging. Still the same vibe, same recipe. Always the same creativity and originality even if we sung on Resing tracks but, far away from the usual resing, simple copies of an existing and reused idea. Just keeping our job creative as usual.

Our jingle packages are not only crafted to make your station sound exciting, but also to create a unique and memorable experience for your listeners. We offer a fun and upbeat mix of music that will give a positive and trendy edge to your station’s sound. Whether you prefer a re-sung or custom production, our jingles will fit seamlessly into your playlist. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you need to make your station stand out from the rest.
Trust us to make your station sing and captivate your audience like never before. Shoot us a message!

Always dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio branding, we continuously explore new possibilities in creating jingles, idents, and imaging. Our innovative approach has led us to develop promo videos and teasers that captivate audiences with their high-impact IDs. By harnessing the power of a sung melody, we elevate our creations beyond the realm of traditional jingles. Our goal is to create memorable audio experiences that resonate with listeners long after they hear them. With our unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking, we are redefining the art of audio branding.

We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible creating catchy earworms and jingles. 
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Reinvent a brand:

Empower the Brand: Each jingle is a perfect match with the Hits, Zouk and Dancehall playlist. Because of Reezom’s work, RBR is now very clearly identifiable in Martinique. Fourteen Jingles all custom-made.

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