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CKVL Montreal | New Imaging and sung jingles – Quebec

CKVL Montreal – Jingle starter package – Quebec

Jingle starter package. Another new station going on air with our amazing starter package: reezom starter package.

This community radio station, broadcasting on 100.1 FM in Lasalle – Montreal, recently visited our studio to refresh its station imaging. Operating on a modest budget doesn’t equate to a cheap-sounding result. We always strive to brand all stations seeking to enhance their presence in our competitive radio advertising market.

Our jingle packages are meticulously crafted to infuse your station with excitement, contemporary musicality, and lasting memorability. We aim to have both your station and your listeners humming along.

Are you seeking to elevate the professionalism and distinctiveness of your radio show? Look no further! We provide everything you need to run your show successfully, from jingles and sweepers to liners, promos, and advertisements. Our services encompass the production and delivery of individual audio elements such as intros, outros, idents, as well as comprehensive imaging and branding packages.

At Reezom, all our jingles are fully customizable. This means we take our pre-produced in-house studio music and seamlessly integrate your custom lyrics into the composition. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to tailor vocals to match your station’s specific tone and style. Whether it’s a re-sung rendition or a bespoke production, we are committed to delivering precisely what you need to make your station stand out. Drop us a message!

Looking for innovative ways to promote your business? We’ve got you covered! Our musical and audio services encompass original music and sound production, audio logos, sound design for visuals, brand jingles, and more. For video projects and promotions, we also excel in creating storyboards that effectively engage with your audience. Take a look at our YouTube channel. 

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