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CKVL Montreal | New Imaging and sung jingles – Quebec

CKVL Montreal – Jingle starter package – Quebec

Another new station going on air with our amazing starter package:
Introducing the Jingle Starter Package. Another station is about to hit the airwaves with our top-notch offering: the Reezom starter package.

This radio station, broadcasting at 100.1 FM in Lasalle – Montreal, recently paid a visit to our studio for a station imaging makeover. Having a tight budget doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We make sure that every station aiming to shine in our competitive radio advertising market gets the branding it deserves.

Our jingle packages are carefully designed to inject excitement, modern tunes, and memorable melodies into your station. Our goal is to get both your station and your audience humming along.

Want to give your radio show a professional edge? Look no further! We provide all the essentials for a successful show, from jingles and sweepers to liners, promos, and ads. Our services cover everything from producing and delivering individual audio elements like intros, outros, and idents to comprehensive imaging and branding packages.

At Reezom, all our jingles can be tailored to your needs. We take our pre-made studio music and seamlessly weave in your custom lyrics. Plus, we offer the flexibility to adjust vocals to match your station’s unique tone and style. Whether it’s a re-sung version or a completely new creation, we’re dedicated to delivering exactly what you need to make your station stand out. Drop us a message!

Looking for fresh ways to promote your business? We’ve got you sorted! Our musical and audio services include crafting original music, creating audio logos, designing sounds for visuals, crafting brand jingles, and more. For video projects and promotions, we’re skilled at crafting storyboards that effectively connect with your audience.
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