HORIZON | Resing jingles package, male voice – France

Resing jingles package, male voice

Resung Jingles for Horizon radio in France – male voice and about 27 cuts re-sung from its sister station Oxygen. Resing jingles package.

Need memorable radio Imaging, corporate songs, TV jingles, or video promos? We’re here to assist! We specialize in crafting the finest and most contemporary jingles. Our branding elements guarantee heightened recall for programs and stations, utilized extensively throughout the day to ensure maximum memorization of the station’s name. That’s the ultimate goal.
By ensuring that these branding elements are utilized extensively throughout the day, We’re maximizing their exposure to listeners or viewers.
By consistently exposing audiences to these branding elements, we increase the likelihood that they will remember the station’s name. And they will finally associate it with positive experiences. This leads to heightened recall, meaning that when someone thinks of a particular type of content or programming, they immediately think of that station.

Whether it’s a re-sung or custom production, we tailor to your needs, making your station stand out. Drop us a message!

Our focus is always on evolving the sound of jingles, idents, and imaging. This has led us to develop audio branding, promo videos, and teasers with effective, high-impact short-form IDs, harnessing the proven recall of a sung melody without the traditional jingle vibe. We provide all necessary audio and video assets to create the strongest audio and video brands, producing catchy earworms and jingles. As a full-service audio/visual creative agency, check out our YouTube channel for more. Our YouTube channel. 


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