ACTIV | Custom and original jingles – France

Custom and original jingles.

The Revolution is still going strong in France! Again New original jingles, some very short jingles to keep the brand as hype as ever. One of the best Top 40, Trendy formats!

This jingle imaging package will brand your station with an unmatched modern vibe. It is THE perfect fit for your imaging whether your station is playing Hits. Or you simply want to cut through with something melodic and trendy.

But alas, let your own ears be the judge…

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2012 Objective

This summer was revolution. New sound, new original jingles, reshape the brand,very short jingles, more power, can say that Activ , Radio station in France, kept us quite busy ! Listen !


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2011 Objective

When Activ Radio in France put in a call to the Reezom office and say “We really like the jingles you did for us last year, it was great! So we can’t wait to hear what you’ll do this time around!

We need an even more powerful and trendy jingle package than the last one and a remixed top of the hour! We know you can…”
“Yes, we can”

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2010 Mandate

Creating a versatile imaging and jingles package that encapsulates the music format of a CHR station is a tricky job! When a station prides itself on the best in pop, RnB, dance, and indie the jingles need to be as good as the songs on the playlist. Activ Radio is a big market station based in the Loire Saint-Etienne.

A part of the ‘Les Indépendants’ group, Activ Radio in France has fast become a major player in the market. It offers it’s listeners the best-hit music along with the perfect mix of local, national and international news. Since its’ inception 6 years ago Activ prides itself on a strong and instantly recognizable brand sound.

To ensure it stays at the top of it’s Game Activ has commissioned Reezom to create its new custom package. Listen to this unique jingle packages with vocal signature and contemporary musical composition. You’ll be blown away!

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