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Radio Peyi | Create the brand custom jingles – Guyana France

Create the brand –  idents Radio Peyi

Radio Peyi – Guyana France came to Reezom to create its idents and all others jingles cuts. A new local radio – Guyane France – appeared today on the air. Radio Peyi Guyana offers local programs and RTL shows. With the ambition to bring what does not exist in the Guyana radio landscape.

Radio Peyi Guyana is a “commercial” radio and has, as such, put in place “operations, games and allow listeners to express themselves. Several programs appeal to listeners. They are invited to speak on a subject that concerns in ” The buzz Question of the Day”. In ” The Game of the showcase “, they can win prizes. At the helm of these emissions include former leaders of Guyana 1st and NRJ, as Flyy (for the morning) or Jeff (9h-13h)

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