ROUGE FM | Custom music jingle package – Switzerland

One of our most popular custom jingle package

Back to basics!
RougeFM returns to Reezom for an all-new series of jingles. We haven’t changed the method – custom made – original music – a tailored made Imaging – revival of the sound logo. All is made for a sound ID and fresh and trendy jingles to be strongly anchored in the radio station playlist. A station that is always looking to be more incisive and modern and so, sound and visual image have followed.  Custom jingle package: In all, about fifty jingles accompany the best hits songs from Geneva (Switzerland) to the other side of the Lake (still Switzerland!)



On da road again – Switzerland!

A dozen packs to kick off the summer! Feel-good jingles for the summer, but that achieves the custom jingle package from the start of the year. We stayed with custom creation, the same sound ID, but with other pieces of music compositions and even more melodies to make you sing ”Rouge” all summer long! And there’s plenty to choose from because there are at least ten new melodies with this same effective signature.- 2012-



What color is your station sound?

What color is your station sound? It’s that time of year again… September!
Reezom has once again been commissioned to produce some fresh new sound. This amazing custom jingle package will hit the audience and take them soaring through to their next refresh in January 2012.
Also, check out their TV ad, also produced by Reezom!



A fresh new shade

What color is your station?
Rouge FM wanted a fresh new shade for its on-air sound… so they commissioned Reezom to create a new imaging package that retains their current sonic logo. In September 2010, just in time for their annual refresh, Rouge FM took delivery of their new jingles package consisting of 40 cuts. Another successful collaboration between Rouge Fm and Jean-Sebastien Esposito building on years of innovative radio branding for Rouge SAs’ Group stations across Romane, Switzerland, Geneva, Neuchatel, and Lausanne. -2010-

Whether it is a re-sung or custom production, we always deliver what you need and make your station sounds unique. Shoot us a message!

We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible creating catchy earworms and jingles. We create audio logos that are immediately recognizable.  As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency.  Please give a watch on our youtube channel.



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