Get your starter jingle package now!

Starter jingle package

  With a starter jingle package, get a trendy, but affordable, Id for your station: 

30 Cuts !   5 basic ID’s, 5 short ID’s 6 sec, 5 shotgun ID’s 4 sec, 5 Stingers 4 sec, 5 Ramps and 5 A’cap

including also news, traffic, and weather beds for only  3300$CAD / 2500$USD / 2250 Eur / 2000£GPB

Thoses starter jingle packages are available with male or female singer.

1 – Get in touch with us!

2 – Choose your 5 jingle tracks between any tracks below:

Rock vibe

Pop vibe

Dance vibe

Latin vibe

Roots vibe

Country vibe

Arabic vibe

3 – Tell us you name and tag line. We will adapt your signature & logo to your name
4 – Proceed with payment using wire transfert or Visa / MasterCard /American express internet payment (3,8% fees).
5 – Receive what you hear! Your Reezom Starter jingle Package

Wanna hear what it sounds like ?

CINN FM    |    BLACK XM   |    GOLD RADIO   |    CKVL    |    SUNFM StBarth  |

 Add an Xtra ?

A Top of Hour: 450 Eur / 600$CAD / 500$USD.
20 sweepers FX: 900 Eur / 1250$CAD / 1000$USD.
Custom Medleys : 450 Eur / 600$CAD / 500$USD.

An extra voice : Ask us!

And, of course, you can still talk to us if you would like to have a more customized package,
 more choices for your jingle tracks and more choices in sung lines.

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