variation jingles sung jingles package

Variation | Ground breaking sung jingles package – France

Production of fresh sounding, ground breaking sung jingles package:

Reezom brings you a brand new package! ”We love the sound of our lead vocals but for some extra depth we’ve added another voice to our arsenal”. Have a listen to our new production along with adaptations and all using originally composed music. We also have some very special sonic logos and top of hours for your listening pleasure.

This sung jingles package is also available for resing.

Need a ‘memorable’ radio Imaging or video promo. Happy to help! We make AC’s best and modern Jingles. Branding elements create high recall for programs and  stations. Even more because they are extensively used through the day. It helps memorisation of station’s name. And that, is what you want the most.


Play jingles individual cuts

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