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MIX 98 | AC format jingle package

AC format jingle package:

AC format Jingle Imaging for Mix 98 package is for AC format with a modern touch. And it perfectly blends in with your AC PLaylist. The best choice you could make if your programming is a 50/50 mix of all-time favourites and latest hits. The 4 themes package skilfully matches AC playlist. It mixes all chart releases alongside some of the biggest hits from the last few decades. An effective, powerful and affordable starter jingle package for any station looking for a professional  “On air” sound and branding. It includes a sonic logo and creative and versatile cuts, adaptations, sweepers, and stingers to make a better music mix.

Our jingle packages are meticulously crafted to give your station a fresh, contemporary sound that blends seamlessly with your playlist, ensuring a memorable listener experience. We’re here to make your station and your audience sing along! Whether it’s adapting an existing jingle or creating a bespoke piece, we consistently deliver tailored solutions that enhance your station’s unique identity. Get in touch with us today!

We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries in jingles, idents, and imaging, leading us to innovate in audio branding, promotional videos, and teasers. Our approach focuses on creating impactful short-form IDs. We leverage the recall power of a sung melody, transforming traditional jingles into effective tools. We provide a full range of audio and video assets to help you build a strong brand identity with catchy earworms and memorable jingles.

As a comprehensive audio/visual creative agency, explore our YouTube channel to see more of what we can do.

This jingle package is now available for re-singing and customisation, featuring your station’s name, slogan, and/or sonic logo for a perfect fit with your brand.

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