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CHGA fm | Producing trendy Sung Ids – Canada

Here are the new jingles for CHGA Québec – Canada

Always ready to produce for CHGA in Quebec the most sizzled radio branding, sung Ids. These re-sung jingles are now all on air, and all you have to do to get the most out of them is listen to the radio! Did you know that we produce motion design videos to help you with your digital communications?

Imaging for the station air-shows

we produced the whole image of all the station shows this summer. It is already on air with nephews and cousins from the past years. Take a listen to that splendid production.

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CHGA Québec new station imaging

6 packs of sung Ids resing and creative to enjoy the summer. It will be soon on air with nephews and cousins from the past years. Take a listen on that splendid production.

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2016 – Sung Ids for CHGA Quebec

Reezom has been in charge of producing Sung Ids for CHGA Radio in the Gatineau Valley – Canada. The Imaging has been produced by a re-sing technique which is based on reusing the music bases composed by our studio. This technique allows the programmer to easily select musical melodies for the jingles but unlike other studios, we recreate and re-sing all vocal lines and so the station Ids can be made as personalized as possible. The result? The Radio station gets unique and creative jingles that sound like a custom for the price of a resing. It is easier for a station to position itself in the market with that kind of product than with a simple copy of an existing package. “Each station has its own challenges and its own music and branding solution.”

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2014 – CHGA Gatineau – QC

A brand new Imaging, brand new sung ids that resonate in the Gatineau Valley in Canada (Quebec). A production of 40 jingles and a top-of-the-hour. This radio from Quebec, CHGA, informs and entertains more than 30,000 people a week. CHGA listeners are mainly located in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, which comprises the majority of the rural Outaouais (between La Pêche and the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve). A considerable number of listeners are also found in the Vallée-de-la-Lièvre (Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain and Notre-Dame-du-Laus) and in the Upper Laurentians (Mont-Laurier and vicinity). So if you come to visit Canada in this part of Quebec, do not forget to listen to 97.3 FM !!


2012 – 2 voices 40 jingles

This is CHGA! Brand new Station Imaging with 2 voices and about 40 jingles cuts. It is done! Ready for summer.  Sung Ids – jingles ready to be broadcasted throughout the Gatineau Valley in Canada. A production of 40 jingles and a top of the hour for this radio in Quebec. CHGA radio informs and entertains more than 30 000 people a week. A sung branding and signature that relies as much on the region as the name of the station. To listen! If you also think you need to find a way to sing your name, brand, and your market … Here is a good example, and do not hesitate to contact us! As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency.  Please give a watch on our YouTube channel.

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