Turning unique visions into vivid visuals

Visuals: Staying true to your brand’s core values
Creating a visual identity that is consistent throughout all your marketing campaigns.
Making sure your brand is recognizable in every instance
Staying on brand is to have a good visual identity from the ground up
Find out what animation, motion design and custom made graphics can do for your media

Logos & graphic design

Web sites

All our website creations include:

✓ WordPress database and installation on a temporary host staging environment before going live online.
✓ Installation and configuration of all plugins and editor (builder) for the operation of the site and the CMS.
✓ Complete design of the global theme including the corporation’s color palettes, fonts and color picker.
✓ Programming of the responsive structure with 3 breaking points; Mobile, Tablet and Desktop..
✓ Integration of the content from the old site to your new site.
✓ Création et intégration d’un formulaire de contact.
✓ Optimization of site performance (see photo optimization and perf).
✓ Quality control on Chrome / Safari / Edge and recent mobiles / tablets. Relevant designs and optimized coding.

Un design pertinent et un codage optimisé.

It is quite easy today to make a website with beautiful images but it is much more difficult to have a thoroughly well coded product.
We build efficient websites which showcase modern and visually attractive designs.
In other words, we offer you a website that is correctly coded and above all, meticulously optimized so that your natural referencing is as efficient as possible.
A page packaged to look as good on the outside as the inside.
This will save you from investing a fortune in “google ads” and avoid being rarely found on web browsers by doing searches with your keywords.


Modules personnalisés :
✓ Simplification du CMS pour édition du contenu (custom fields et custom post types)
✓ Intégration dynamique Instagram


Le Bistrot d'en Face

Modules personnalisés :
✓ La carte des mets
✓ Intégration dynamique Instagram et des évènements Facebook



Le site web idéal pour les radios

Modules personnalisés :
✓ Simplification du CMS pour édition du contenu (custom fields et custom post types)
✓ Lecteur audio de diffusion en direct
✓ Module de météo locale
✓ Les nouvelles locale et internationale (RSS Feed)
✓ Widgets Feed Instagram, Twitter et Facebook


Cube entreprise