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ECN Radio | Jingles & Sung Ids – France

Sung Station Ids for French radio station ECN

This is the third time we have had the honor of creating updated imaging for ECN. Updates included new sung station Ids, a re-sung production of 3 jingle packages based on 3 musical themes and  a top of the hour.

our customer had to selected music tracks from Reezom’s extensive music library – each track then received a complete remake & remix  tailored to the brand with an updated logo and catchy  vocals.  The jingles delivered fit perfectly with the station’s optimistic, lively atmosphere.

We focus on producing high impact, short-form IDs.  Moreover, our international expertise enables us to shape catchy sung jingles that stand out! We compose and produce audio logos that are immediately recognizable. 

Above all, We are a full service audio/visual creative agency. Please check out samples of our work on our youtube channel. 

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Station imaging for ECN radio

ECN radio chose to work with Reezom again this year for a fresh update of its sung Ids.

Our jingle packages are designed to make your station sound exciting and musically on-trend. We make sure that your station branding fits your playlist and is memorable. We deliver a fun, upbeat mix of music to give your station’s sound a positive and trendy edge.  Catchy and creative, we know how to make jingles that your listeners will want to sing along too. Whether you’re in in the market for a  re-sung package or a custom production, we always deliver what you need to make your station sound unique. Shoot us a message!

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2016 – ECN Radio – Sung Station Ids

Private regional French station. We produced a customized package consisting of several packs of jingles and station sonic Ids. CHR Format

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