Hits One | CHR Sung Jingles and IDS – France

HITS ONE – CHR Sung Jingles – France

Once again, a radio station in France has commissioned us to produce a set of CHR sung jingles – France.  And once again, we produce modern and trendy jingles. As we try to tell you: “you don’t have to be big, you have to be remarkable”. Indeed, Hits one has just acquired a radio package to be “remarkable” and our solution offers you that.  For this reason, they have chosen this package to place themselves in the market with a powerful and localized identity. From now on, listen to our Radio Jingles by Reezom.

Top 40 /CHR for the 21st Century! The music mix is predominantly Currents and Recurrents encompassing various genres including pop, rock, dance, hip hop, alternative, and R&B. The imaging and on-air personalities have an upbeat, youthful attitude designed to attract women aged 20 – 30. It’s Contemporary Hit Radio, the ultimate mass appeal, high-impact format, featuring today’s most popular hits!

Our packages allow you to select your music tracks from a nice selection of different styles, all made “in-house” in our studio, so we either way can adapt it to your format. This ready-made, low-cost package allows you to start the sound identity process. Don’t forget to check out what we produce in the way of video promos and visual wraps.

Radio packaging and jingles allow you to create a unique listening experience. It allows your radio station to be instantly recognized, differentiating it from competing stations.



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