Hits One | CHR Sung Jingles and IDS – France

HITS ONE – CHR Sung Jingles – France

Once more, a French radio station has enlisted our services to craft a set of CHR sung jingles, this time, in France. True to our ethos of “You don’t have to be big, you have to be remarkable,” Hits One has embraced our modern and trendy jingles to achieve just that. Their recent acquisition of a radio package from us underscores their commitment to establishing a potent and locally resonant identity. Experience the distinctive flair of Hits One’s radio jingles by Reezom.

Presenting Top 40/CHR for the 21st Century! The music mix leans heavily towards currents and recurrents, spanning diverse genres like pop, rock, dance, hip hop, alternative, and R&B. With a lively and youthful on-air persona, tailored to appeal to women aged 20 – 30, it’s the epitome of Contemporary Hit Radio. A format with broad mass appeal, delivering today’s chart-topping hits!

Our versatile packages enable you to cherry-pick music tracks from a varied selection of styles. All are meticulously crafted in-house at our studio. This cost-effective, off-the-shelf package kick-starts the journey to shaping your unique sound identity. Be sure to explore our video promos and visual wraps to witness the breadth of our creative output.

Radio packaging and jingles enable you to craft a unique listening experience. It promptly distinguishes your station from competitors and ensuring instant recognition.



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