NEO FM | Resing package, resign jingles – Reunion Island

Resign jingles for Neo FM.

Reezom was commissioned once again by a radio station on the island of Reunion. After the stations Frequency India and Capitalfm, it is the turn of Neo FM to ask the agency to produce the sound design of its imaging and creating the sonic logo. So Reezom created 21 jingles and new audio branding for the Neo FM station. A resing and resign musical production, however, customized for each of jingles, is now in perfect harmony with the music program and the market trend on this Island on the east side of Africa.

About their strategy for sonic branding, It is very important that the  audio design really represents what the station stand for. It must be a recognisable, unique  and energetic sound. The sound of te station playlist in evolving incessantly. The most important genres are Hip-hop, R&B, Latin, Dance and Dancehall.  Our jingle packages offer a large variety of sounds, formats and styles. Only mini hits between the big hits.

Our packages allow you to choose your musical tracks from a nice selection of different styles, all made “in- house” in our studio, so we either way can adapt it to your format. This ready-made, low-cost package allows you to start the sound identity process. Don’t forget to check out what we produce in the way of video promos and visual wraps.

Radio packaging and jingles allow you to create a unique listening experience. It allows your radio station to be instantly recognized, differentiating it from competing stations.



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