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Sunfm CHR jingles package

This package is a perfect fit for a modern hit CHR radio station, aligning seamlessly with your CHR playlist. Boasting warm, soulful vocals, these jingles are ideal for Hot AC or CHR stations. It adds a vibrant touch to your station’s sound. The package comprises four themes, featuring a memorable 4-note sonic logo and an array of creative and diverse versions of each theme, alongside mix-outs. These CHR jingles are now available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name, slogan, and/or sonic logo.

Crafted to create a musically appealing and exciting mix that complements your playlist, our jingle packages are designed in a fun, upbeat style. With this package, you’ll achieve an uplifting, trendy, and memorable sound for your radio station. Your station will sing. And so will your listeners when you play Reezom jingles. Each Creative Pack jingle is tailored to suit your specific requirements. When you order a Creative Pack, you’ll receive eight original cuts: three adaptations of each cut and mix-outs (sweeper, stinger, a cappella, shotgun). This means we’ll take our pre-produced, in-house studio music and blend in your station’s lyrics. Furthermore, you’ll have the freedom to select the lyrics, duration, and sound of each track. Whether you opt for a re-sung package or a custom production, we deliver the goods to make your radio station truly distinctive. Get in touch with us today! A message?

We specialize in producing high-impact, short-form IDs that leverage the proven recall of a sung melody while avoiding the trappings of a traditional jingle. Reezom provides all the audio and video assets necessary to establish the strongest audio and video brands possible. We excel at creating catchy earworms and jingles that leave a lasting impression! Feel free to browse samples of our work on our YouTube channel. 

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