Get your Medleys now !

Get your Medleys now!

Medleys are the best way to present in 30 seconds or more your playlist and all the songs and music you offer to your audience. You can ask for custom ones or get those ones already made and we will brand them to your name.

115bpm Medley 001 115bpm

98bpm Medley 002 98bpm

130bpm Medley 003 130bpm

160bpm Medley 004 160bpm



93bpm Medley M105 Quebec 93 bpm

120bpm Medley M105 Quebec 120 bpm

124bpmMedley M105 Quebec 124 bpm

104 bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 104 bpm

123 bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 123 bpm

112bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 112 bpm

100bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 100 bpm

105bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 105 bpm

123bpm Medley M105 Québec 2018 123 bpm



88bpm Medley Fusion Martinique 88 bpm

90bpm Medley Fusion Martinique 90 bpm

106bpm Medley Fusion Martinique 106 bpm



95 bpm Medley POP radio Quebec 95 bpm

110 bpm Medley POP radio Quebec 110 bpm



160bpm Comblage SunFM st barth 160bpm

95bpm Comblage SunFM st barth 95bpm

98bpm Comblage SunFM st barth 98bpm

115bpm Comblage SunFM st barth 115bpm

130bpm Comblage SunFM st barth 130bpm


Artist Jingles

Artist jingles is a short montage /medley. It can be played as a jingle and it brings diversity to your playlist and jingles management.
Get Yours! Send us an email we can find and record for you the voice over part or you could send it to us and we will mix it for you.

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