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Radio Station jingles, Advertising & Audio branding

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Key thing about brand is “identification” – if you have the right brand identity then people will identify with the brand & be proud to be associated with . Radio/tv stations or private company to dominate a market need to develop its own strong, unique and memorable tailor-made brand / radio station jingles.  Music is a powerful and emotional vector that radically enhances brand recognition. It leaves a preferential imprint on your target audience. Distinctive sound logos allows you, in other words, to optimize your market positioning. Whether you choose a custom-made solution or a resign of existing tracks or packages, your jingles, Radio advert &  TV commercials or video explainer must sound tailor-made. 

Our job is also to answer your questions & advise you the best. Spending more doesn’t necessarily mean a more effective branding – A lot can be achieved on a tight budget. Get in touch : we will make sing your brand and  your sonic logo and lyrics will stick in people’s mind…  #producers  #creatives #audiobranding

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Reezom  /ˈrɪðəm /  rhythm

Reezom /ˈriːzəm/  rhizome

(source: Oxford dictionaries)


Play out: Winmedia. Reezom offers you a sunny vibe with Cocktail Radio