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ZOUK NEWS | Resing Jingles and station Ids – Guadeloupe

Zouk jingles production for Guadeloupe

Brand new resing – Recall tracks – production : Zouk and News is coming back this year to update its imaging. Still broadcasting a Zouk playlist Zouk News is a local station on this french west indies caribean island .



Resing Jingles and station Ids:

In Guadeloupe, “Zouk Newz” is the station that’s wearing a brand new resing package from Reezom: “We wanted to obtain a professional mixing with modern, fashionable production and localized and specific sound colour in accordance to our market. Reezom met this challenge head-on and delivered everything on time… 28 jingles – 28 Hits” explains Franck, producer.

Shoot us an email If you’re in need of a radio Imaging, a corporate song, a TV jingle, or a video promo that’s downright memorable, count on us! We’re here to lend a hand. Branding elements are the secret sauce for boosting recall among audiences for programs and stations. What makes them even more effective? They’re on constant rotation throughout the day, etching your station’s name into listeners’ minds. And let’s face it, that’s what you’re after, isn’t it?

Efficiency is our middle name. We’re geared to swiftly deliver top-notch products. Our repertoire includes crafting individual audio components like intros, outros, idents, or complete imaging and branding packages. Here at Reezom, customization is our jam. We take our pre-produced in-house studio music and seamlessly weave in your personalized lyrics into the melody. Not to mention, we’re wizards at tailoring vocals to suit your vibe.

Whether it’s revamping an existing piece or creating something entirely bespoke, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to meet your precise needs, ensuring that your station stands out with its own distinctive sound.

Also, please give a watch on our YouTube channel.  We’ve developed audio branding and promo videos, as well as effective, high-impact short-form IDs using a sung melody that has proven recall without sounding like a traditional jingle. Our goal is to provide all the audio and video assets necessary to build the strongest audio and video brands possible, resulting in catchy earworms and jingles



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