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Pop radio jingles: Capitale Tropicale on POP

Pop radio jingles: Show imaging for Capitale Tropicale, Ze summer show on Pop radio – Based in Gatineau – Quebec.  We shape identities, even for your radio show!

Here it is the top choice for serving up snappy, creative bits while making sure each track flows smooth as silk. A signature sound, sung and bespoke, to really pack a punch. But also keep the listeners tuned right in. Our jingle packages are the bee’s knees, crafted to give your station that buzz, staying bang on trend and sticking in folk’s minds.

We’ll have your station and listeners humming along in no time.

We rustle up and dish out individual audio bits like intros, outros, idents, or the full shebang with branding packages. At Reezom, every jingle’s got room for a personal touch. We take our tunes from the studio and lace them up with your very own lyrics. We can even tweak vocals.

Be it a re-sung hit or a custom-made job, we always deliver the goods, making your station stand out a treat.

Helping out with your queries and guiding you through, drawing on all our know-how, that’s part of our gig! We’re all about getting down and dirty with our clients, serving up bespoke, top-notch service to give your sound that unique, top-notch quality. Tell us about your project!

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Crafting radio jingles is an art

and even more, some Pop radio jingles: those “short little songs” which intend to be mini hits between big hits and that tell you the name of your favourite radio station you’re listening to. Producing and composing an effective jingle package is a unique skill which requires an experienced creative team, talent, and the right facilities.

This is what we’ve done for Pop radio. A brand-new station Imaging – a French-language station in Quebec – Canada.

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