RADIO FOX – Hits & Rock Jingles – France

Sonic logo – France

Radio Fox came back to us this year to launch a brand new sonic logo for their Hits & Rock jingles. They needed a logo that was catchy, creative and captured their brand identity. They chose us for this project, and we delivered.

Hits & Rock jingles – France

Radio Fox – New station in Auxonne, France launches a new Hits & Rock jingle package consisting of 3 jingle packs with 8 cuts each, a TOH and a pack of sweepers. French vocals mixed in with UK English voice-over.

Selecting one of our different customized packages will allow you to create your very own custom jingles and brand signature. We offer a wide variety of music tracks, created in our studios. Choose the tracks you like and adapt them as you see fit to meet your musical needs and create your own customized jingles. Our very affordable formula makes it possible for you to start your own “sound identity process” while maintaining the products integrity and quality.
Music is a powerful and emotional vector that radically enhances brand recognition. It leaves a preferential imprint on your target audience. Imaging, jingles & distinctive sound logos allow you to get closer to your listeners, thereby optimizing your market positioning.

Take a look at samples from our production work catalogue here: – Teasers, videos, and visuals on our youtube channel

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