RADIO FOX – Hits & Rock Jingles – France

Hits & Rock jingles – France

Radio Fox – New station in France, more precisely Auxonne, launch new Hits & Rock jingles. That station just launch 3 packs of 8 cuts each, A ToH and a pack of sweepers mixing french singer and  UK english voice over.

Choosing one of our different customized packages will allow you to select your very own tailored jingles and brand signature. We offer a wide variety of music tracks, created in our studios. It gives you the opportunity to adapt your musical needs to your station’s format. Our very affordable formula makes it possible for you to start your own “sound identity process” while respecting the product’s overall promises and improvement.

Music is a powerful and emotional vector that radically enhances brand recognition. Also it leaves a preferential imprint on your target audience. Branding jingles & distinctive sound logos allows you, in other words, to create proximity with your listeners and therefore optimize your market positioning.

Have a look at samples from our production work catalog right here: – explainers videos and visuals on our youtube channel

Our job is also to answer your questions & advise you best through the experience we have accumulated by working with radios and companies around the world. Tell us more about your project!


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