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Radio station jingles production – Philippines

FMR, a radio station based in Manila, invested in new sonic IDs and station jingles this year. Formerly known as “Fantastic Music Radio,” the station underwent a name change. We provided them with sung imaging and resung jingles for FMR Tacloban, FMR CAMIGUIN, FMR Butuan, FMR TAGUM, and FMR ZAMBOANGA. Our solution, known as “recall track,” remains highly cost-effective, allowing you to select your own musical tracks from our library.

All of our audio and video productions are created in-house, providing flexibility to tailor your on-air audio branding to your specific format. This mix-and-match approach not only saves you money but also initiates the process of establishing a unique sound identity for your radio package. It is aligning with your product values and promises, and enhancing listener recall.

Music serves as a potent emotional catalyst, significantly bolstering brand recognition. Branding, such as sound jingles and logos, can establish an auditory cue for listeners right from the start, present across all your media platforms.

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