imaging congo liners FX univers fm jingles by reezom

Univers fm | FX liners – Modern and trendy Imaging – Congo

Imaging Congo – Univers FM

Modern and trendy jingles Imaging: Univers FM in Congo is now broadcasting new sweepers, stingers and liners- all made by Reezom!

radio sweeper is a short, pre-recorded sample used as segues between songs that give listeners a brief station identifier or promo. Sweepers and Stingers are usually between 4 to 6 seconds long. Would you like your radio or TV station to sound professional and stand out? We produce all you’ll ever need to run your station successfully, such as jingles,  sweepers, liners, promos, ads, etc…! We produce and deliver individual audio elements such as intros, outros, idents or full imaging and branding packages.


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