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RADIO CITE | Re-sing Jingles – Alberta Canada

Radio Cité – Re-sing jingles – Alberta, Canada

Edmonton boasts a local and community-driven radio station. This year, in a bid to enhance their station’s appeal, we introduced re-sung jingles to their imaging this year. Opting for our budget-friendly package, the station embarked on a sung imaging journey that didn’t strain their finances. And now Reezom Jingles resonate deeply across Alberta, Canada.

Our packages offer diverse musical bases crafted in-house, allowing seamless adaptation to your station’s format and playlist. The “recall track” formula ensures affordability while kickstarting the development of your radio package’s sonic identity, staying true to your product’s value and enhancing listener recall. Music serves as a powerful emotional conduit, elevating brand recognition and preference. From the outset, branding elements like sound jingles and logos establish an auditory landmark for listeners, ensuring consistency across all media platforms. For visual communication, explore our dynamic video content, including promo videos and visuals, on our YouTube channel.

Guiding you through your queries and leveraging our accumulated expertise is our commitment. Share your project with us, and let’s bring your vision to life!



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