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FREQUENCE INDIA | Modern and trendy bollywood Jingles

Bollywood Jingles. Bollywood CHR format.

Happy India! Frequence India is a new station that broadcasts Bollywood and Top 40 Hits. A jingles production with an Indian, Bollywood, and American Hits flavor.  It results in some jingles specially composed for the occasion. Programs and jingles you can listen to in Paris on sat, at the Réunion Island, and in India as well.

Our packages allow you to choose your musical bases from our in-house composed tracks library. This allows you to adapt your Branding to your format. This formula of Jingles, we call “recall track” remains very affordable. It starts the process of sound identity in your radio package while respecting your product promise. It also improves listener recall. Music is a powerful emotional vector that radically enhances brand recognition and values. Branding, IDs sound jingles and logos, can be used from the very beginning to impose a sound cue to listeners. This sonic ID must be found on all your media. And visually, more precisely for your communication, look at what we produce in videos, promo videos, and visuals on our youtube channel.

Answering your questions and advising you in the best possible way through the experience we have accumulated is also our job!  We work always closely with our clients to offer a full range of tailored services and support to deliver unique high-quality sound. Tell us about your project!

Let us know when you need a ‘memorable’ radio Imaging, corporate song, or TV jingle or video promo. Happy to help! We make India’s best and modern Jingles. Branding elements create high recall for programs and stations. Even more, because they are extensively used throughout the day. It helps memorization of the station’s name. And that is what you want the most.

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