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VOSGES FM | Resing jingles – male voice – France

VOSGES FM: Resing package with male voice

Jingles with male voice for Vosgesfm France resing. Resign made from the original package of Oxygen, its sister station. Jingles with a male voice
Even though the musical bases come from an existing sung package, the entire musical identity has been produced to be as close to the radio brand as possible. Adaptations are all completely customized and organically meet the diverse range of the market.

This package portrays a true musical value that allows this station to mark its difference and to better sell its image amongst advertisers. Shoot us an email if you need a ‘memorable’ radio Imaging, corporate song or TV jingle or video promo. Branding elements create high recall for programs and stations. Even more, because they are extensively used throughout the day. It helps memorization of the station’s name. And that is what you want the most.

We produce and deliver individual audio elements such as intros, outros, idents or full imaging and branding packages. At Reezom, All Jingles are customizable. It means we will take our pre-produced in-house studio music and adapt your custom lyrics into the song. We can also customize all the vocals
Whether it is a re-sung or custom production, we always deliver what you need and make your station sounds unique. Shoot us a message!

Need a ‘memorable’ radio imaging, corporate song or television advertisement? More so, because they are used extensively throughout the day. It helps the listener remember the station’s or company’s name. That’s what you want most. As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency.  Please give a watch on our youtube channel. 



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