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VOSGES FM | Resing AC jingles – male voice – France

VOSGES FM: Resing package with male voice

Jingles featuring a male voice tailored for Vosgesfm France resing. The re-imaging is crafted from the original Oxygen package, its sibling station. The male-voiced jingles maintain a unique musical identity, meticulously produced to closely align with the radio brand. Each adaptation is bespoke, organically catering to the diverse market range.

This comprehensive package – jingles male voice – embodies significant musical value, enabling the station to distinguish itself and enhance its image for advertisers. If you’re in need of a ‘memorable’ radio imaging, corporate song, TV jingle, or video promo, drop us an email. Branding elements play a pivotal role in program and station recall, especially given their extensive use throughout the day. They facilitate the memorization of the station’s name – a paramount goal.

We specialize in crafting and delivering individual audio components like intros, outros, idents, or complete imaging and branding packages. At Reezom, all jingles are fully customizable. This entails taking our pre-produced in-house studio music and seamlessly integrating your custom lyrics into the song. We also offer vocal customization to further align with your specific needs.

Whether it’s a re-sung version or a custom production, we consistently provide precisely what you require, ensuring your station boasts a distinctive sound.

Feel free to drop us a message!

In search of a ‘memorable’ radio imaging, corporate song, or television advertisement? This is particularly crucial due to their frequent use throughout the day, aiding in imprinting the station or company name in the listener’s memory. That’s what you want most.
As a comprehensive audio/visual creative agency, and for a glimpse into our capabilities, we invite you to explore our YouTube channel. 


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