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CIMS | Station Ids – New Brunswick – Canada

New sung station Ids & imaging for CIMS

Introducing the all-new station IDs and resing for CIMS FM, a French station based in New Brunswick, Canada. Dive into the latest in jingle packages designed to elevate your station’s sound—making it not just exciting but musically on-trend and truly memorable.

Whether you opt for a re-sung version or a custom production, our commitment remains unwavering: delivering precisely what your station needs to stand out and creating a unique sonic identity. We specialize in crafting jingles that go beyond the ordinary — we’ll make your station’s name sing.
Shoot us a message! And let’s embark on a journey to make your station resonate in the hearts and minds of your listeners like never before!


CIMS FM station Ids

CIMS FM has entrusted our studio with the task of rejuvenating their On-air Imaging and station IDs.

Each package includes up to 40 sung jingles, with 10 variations in each theme for a unique and memorable sound.

These variations serve as short hit songs, adding personality to the station and aiding brand memorization. The approach ensures short, creative elements and smooth transitions between tracks. This strategy delivers concise and distinctive elements, creating a signature sound that’s sung and customized for maximum impact and listener retention. At Reezom, all jingles are customizable, adapting our in-house studio music and custom lyrics to your needs.

We focus on evolving the sound of jingles, idents, and imaging. This led us to create audio branding, promo videos, and teasers with effective and impactful short-form IDs. We supply all necessary audio and video assets, helping you build strong audio and video brands.

As a full-service audio/visual creative agency, we prioritize innovation to elevate your brand in both the auditory and visual realms. Let us assist in creating a distinctive and memorable audio and visual identity for your audience.

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