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FUSION | New caribbean radio jingles pack – Martinik

The new Fusion radio jingles pack

This radio jingles pack is Epic and Massive. Fresh from the Caribbean, brand-new jingles and Imaging for a brand-new station in Martinique, this station used to play Zouk music and had Zouk FM as the station name. Now back to roots, and here is the reborn and mythic station Fusion. A much stronger brand name and a stronger and much more Caribbean based on Zouk, Compa, and Salsa. This package includes about 50 custom cuts with sung Id and a powerful sonic logo.

Our jingle packages are designed to make your station sound exciting, musically on-trend to fit your playlist and memorable. We have always been focused on evolving the sound of radio jingles and imaging. It led us to create audio branding with effective and High-impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle.
We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible creating catchy earworms and jingles. As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency. 
Most commonly, the term “radio jingles” can be used to summarize any element of a radio station’s brand or identity. More specifically, in the radio world, the term is used only for those elements of a station’s branding that are musical or sung. Jingles are the most common form of radio station branding, also known as imaging.
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