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CINI FM | Cree Radio Jingles – Canada

CINI FM radio IDs

A Cree radio station in Canada, CINI FM has just reinforced its sound design with new Ids in a pop-dance format while keeping the same sound identity. Cree Radio Jingles Canada. We have produced unique radio Ids with the same sound signature but with brand-new compositions. Musical bases with a modern and fresh sound and vibe. Perfect for celebrating summer and nature. And you? Don’t you need sung Ids for your station? Feel free to drop us a line anytime. Those Radio Jingles are catchy, memorable, and affordable. Your potential customers will be singing them for months to come!


CINI FM Cree Radio Jingles – Canada

Here are the new sung jingles for CINI FM, a Cree station in the north of Quebec, Canada. Cree Radio Jingles.
CINI-FM is a First Nations community radio station that operates on 95.3 FM in Canada – Mistissini.
It is owned by the James Bay Cree Communication Society and is a flagship of its network of radio stations serving Cree communities in “North-of-Quebec”.

CINI-FM broadcasts Cree language radio in Mistissini in order to promote a better understanding between Native and Non-Native Canadians. This radio station promotes and encourages the use of the Cree language, safeguards Cree culture, and collects and maintains a library of traditional Cree stories and legends.
The station is providing quality local programming that reflects the interests and events surrounding the Cree community in Canada.

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