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RADIO CLODIA | Italian Imaging & jingles – Italy

Italian Imaging – Original Music jingles

Who would have believed that this summer would mark our first Italian jingles? From here on in, the sounds of Reezom will resound on the airwaves of Italy with Radio Clodia!. Italia Jingles. At Reezom, we can sing in French, English, and Italian. Whether it’s imaging or production music, Reezom has the expertise and experience to deliver. Whether you choose a custom-made package or a re-sing of existing tracks, your jingles will always sound tailor-made.

Chi l’avrebbe mai detto che quest’estate avrebbe segnato i nostri primi jingles italiani. Da oggi in poi, l’inconfondibile sound di Reezom si può ascoltare sulle onde italiane grazie a Radio Clodia!
Siamo a vostra disposizione per curare il vostro sound. Italia Jingles.

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Whether it’s a re-sung or custom production, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you need to make your station sound truly unique. Our unwavering focus on evolving the world of jingles, idents, and imaging has led us to pioneer the concept of audio branding.
We compose what harnesses the power of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle. As industry leaders, we provide all the necessary audio and video assets to help you build the strongest brands possible, complete with catchy earworms and memorable jingles. And let’s not forget about our expertise in creating audio logos that are instantly recognisable, ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd.
In addition to that, we’ve also delved into the realm of promo videos and teasers.
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