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YES FM | Sung jingles, original music – Switzerland – Belgium

Original Music jingles:

This is YES FM! At the end of August, the “Groupe Rouge” launched a brand new, custom sung jingle package for Yes FM which was written and produced by Reezom. Available for re-sing! Our jingle packages are produced to make your station sound musically on-trend and memorable. Your listeners will sing the jingle we shape along. At Reezom, we customize all the jingles we produce. When you order a Creative Pack, you’ll receive 8 full original cuts + 3 adaptations of each cut and mix-outs (sweeper, stinger, acapella, shotgun). This means that we’ll take our pre-produced, in-house studio music and mix in your station lyrics. The lyrics, duration and sound of each track are customizable as are the vocals – one vocal, multiple vocals, harmonies etc.
Whether you come to us for a re-sung or a custom package, we will make your station sound unique.

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Our international expertise enables us to create audio branding, promo videos and teasers that are catchy and impactful. No matter where you are We know how to shape high impact, short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle. Reezom supplies all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible. Moreover, we know how to create catchy earworms and jingles that stand out! We compose and produce audio logos that are immediately recognizable.

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Another major radio station

Finds its way to Reezom. This is YES FM! No less than 20 packs of jingles were delivered. Another major radio station entrusts all its branding needs to Reezom. Available for re-sing, the Yes FM package is currently on-air, every day, spreading a good dose of that fresh pop & rock sound throughout Switzerland! sung jingles

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Play jingles individual cuts

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