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Atlantic radio – Resing jingles

New station imaging for Atlantic Radio – 14 resing jingles are now ”on-air” in Martinique!

Featuring 14 resing jingles expertly crafted by Reezom, our new production brings a fresh Caribbean flair to the airwaves of the Atlantic side of Martinique. These sung IDs boast a touch of the Caribbean sound, resonating across the north of Martinique, the Atlantic side. Broadcasting local Caribbean Hits between waves, this jingle imaging package will brand your station with an unmatched modern Caribbean vibe. It’s the perfect fit for your imaging, whether your station plays Latin Hits, Tropical songs, Caribbean Hits, or simply seeks a melodic and tropical edge.

Whether you opt for a re-sung classic or a custom production, we guarantee to deliver precisely what you need to make your station sound truly distinctive. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements!

About us and jingles

When it comes to radio advertising, a catchy jingle can be the key to capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring brand recognition. Memorable jingles have the power to stay in listeners’ minds long after the commercial has ended, creating a lasting association between your brand and the tune. At Reezom, we possess a deep understanding of the power of jingles in communicating your brand message.

Delve into the psychology behind jingles, their role in bolstering brand recognition, and their influence on listener engagement and memorability. A catchy tune serves as the backbone of an unforgettable jingle. Opt for a melody that is unique. It needs to be easy to remember, and instantly grabs attention. The right melody can linger in listeners’ minds. It will create an enduring association with your brand. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of audio production. We are constantly evolving the sound of jingles. Our innovative approach has led us to develop audio branding, promo videos, and teasers featuring highly effective short-form IDs that harness the power of sung melodies. All while avoiding the clichés of traditional jingles, We craft memorable earworms and jingles that resonate with your audience.

For a closer look at our creative process and remarkable results, be sure to check out our website. YouTube channel.

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