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Stereochic | HotAC sung jingles – France

Stereochic – HotAC Sung Jingles – France

Once again, a radio station in France has commissioned us to produce a set of HotAC sung jingles, Contemporary format. And once again, we produce modern and trendy jingles.  They have chosen this package to place themselves in the market with powerful Ids. From now on, listen to our Radio Jingles by Reezom. In addition to the many programmes devoted to French-language music, this station offers a non-stop music playlist.

HOT AC is a fun, adult-friendly format with a focus on music and lifestyle. All the songs are familiar hits from the 90s through today. The target demographic is adults aged 18 – 49, with a tight target of women aged 30 – 38, the exact audience advertisers want to reach. The music is predominantly up-tempo and always easy to sing along with.  This contemporary format sits right in between AC and CHR, the sweet spot for a mass market appeal! Despite the “adult” label, more millennials are tuning in, and the format is increasingly important for breaking pop acts.

Our packages allow you to choose your music tracks from a nice selection of different styles, all made “in-house” in our studio, so we, either way, can adapt it to your format. This ready-made, low-cost package allows you to start the sound identity process. Don’t forget to check out what we produce in the way of video promos and visual wraps.

Radio packaging and jingles allow you to create a unique listening experience. It allows your radio station to be instantly recognized, differentiating it from competing stations.



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