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OXYGEN RADIO – Trendy Resing Package – France

Jingles Oxygene, resing package – France

Fresh fresh fresh – Oxygene imaging Resing package – brand new! Oxygene is a French station broadcasting in Alps mountains.

We create a clean, sharp French sound while moving beyond the usual sound of a traditional radio jingle heard in France. This was achieved using a specific sung voice to represent the identity of Oxygene’s listeners and also introduce a global sonic logo which combines a memorable melody with cutting edge sound design.

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Whether you need a promo or a station ID, you’ll always instantly have the right cut for your production. With the different mix-outs and lengths from each theme, you can easily adapt to whatever energy level you require for your production.
The unique personalization allows each station to retain the energy and feel-good of the base tracks. And, with the updated sonic logo and unique vocal sounds, the jingles sound like they’ve been custom-made.

This latest package has a mainstream pop feel that really reflects the current sound of the station, and can blend seamlessly with playlisted artists.


Resing package and sung jingles :

Take the existing identity which was fragmented and dry and turn it into a strong, consistent and recognizable brand. Established in the greatest Alps’ stations in the South, Oxygen station, is the news-services station of reference! Now, Oxygen is broadcasting a modern and soul-fresh air all over the Alps through 9 frequencies.
See how logo animation, motion graphics and brand tunes catch the eye. Perfect sound + superb graphics = maximize your impact.
Reezom is much more than jingles these days. We envision your sound and visualize your audio.



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