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TROPIK FM | New station sound – St Barth

New station sound – ST Barth

Sunny vibes for Tropik FM
Tropik FM came to Reezom for a new station sound. A warm and full of sunshine Tropical/Hot AC package for Tropik FM on Caribbean islands St. Barthélémy and St. Martin. They knew we have this specific Caribbean Pop, Afropop, RNB Tropical Touch. These jingles are the perfect blend of tropical beats for a Caribbean-based station. The jingles package was produced for the growing English-speaking listeners’ audience. The package contains a full range of mixes, including Basic ID’s, shotguns, etc . This package is available for re-sing and customization in other languages with your station’s name, slogan and sonic logo.

It is on the side of Saint Barthélémy, St Barth for the intimate ones, that a new radio decided to join us for its sung radio jingles. The package sung in Recall track includes two musical bases and a pack of 15 sweepers/liners. They place themselves in the market with a clear and relevant identity. From now on, listen to all our sung Ids by Reezom on TROPIK FM in St Barth. Especially when you’ll go after the sun and sea during your holidays.

97.5Mhz for St-Barth
104.9Mhz upwind of the island
104.7Mhz for St-Martin

Cé Nous Zot Même !

This is the slogan of Tropik FM in St Barths and the music, packaging and tone must be able to create this emotional link with consumers to stimulate brand recognition and sales. Go local. Your brand should be able to identify and appeal to potential customers through the jingles, the dressing and the musicality of the whole. We let you choose your musical bases from our catalogue of songs. This means you can tailor your music choices to your format, your playlist and your programmes. The on-air branding and identifiers then allow you to create a unique listening experience.

We also produce promotional videos and visuals. Broadcasting a promotional video as part of a digital communication campaign is one of the best solutions for building listener loyalty to your musical universe.
Contact us  for more information and our rates. We will always offer you a solution adapted to your needs and your budget.  All our promotional videos and visual designs are available on our  Youtube Channel.



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