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RADIO CHABLAIS | Custom Made Jingles – Switzerland

Sung package for Swiss radio station

Hot AC jingles: This year again, we have updated this Hot AC format station brand from Switzerland. Still fresh and modern and definitely customized to reach beyond traditional Hot AC boundaries and add a flash of color the on-air brand.



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New jingles package

On air now, jingles package for Radio Chablais in Switzerland. Take a listen to that tremendous package. Since the last 5 years this Swiss radio station has found its way to Reezom…and now what about you?



2016 – Swiss jingles

A new package with custom-made jingles,  Hot AC format jingles. Jingles that stay in complete harmony with station programming.

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2015 – Custom made effective jingles

Still and again a custom-made station Imaging, with more than fifty effective jingles, all customized as needed, including top of the hour and some Christmas jingles. Jingles that stay in harmony with station programming. Programming that evolves slowly to better follow listeners’ needs. If you go for a ride in Switzerland, go through Chablais!

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2014 – New series of Hot AC jingles

A new series of Hot AC jingles to complete the actual on-air Imaging. For the second time, Radio Chablais in Switzerland calls on Reezom to produce its jingles: a big vote of confidence! And you won’t be disappointed, as these jingles are more melodious than ever! We redefined branding and positioning. In other words, a station Imaging that perfectly blends with the station’s music format.

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2013 – New Swiss station all re-imaged

New Swiss radio station all re-imaged by Reezom. Custom imaging, comprised of more than forty jingles and top of the hour. A term, such as it is, to format and mark the brand with a recognizable sound ID. The market being competitive, it’s important to “mark” the radio station well. Another Swiss radio station finds its way to Reezom…

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