CONTACT RADIO | Custom Imaging package – Belgium

Imaging package, custom music, and jingles

Radio Contact, is the first radio in Belgium, according to the latest sondage. The Belgium market leader came to Reezom to create its idents and themes for news and weather and all other cuts. Imaging package with custom music and jingles.

Radio Contact was looking for a fresh-sounding, groundbreaking jingle package. This custom package fitted the bill just perfectly. Indeed, the new sound blended sung vocals with processed VOs to create a distinctive ID for the station. Also, the cut’s urban feel sat comfortably with the station’s music playlist.

Please contact us if you require a ‘memorable’ radio Imaging, corporate song, TV jingle, or video promo. I’m delighted to assist! We create the greatest and most contemporary Jingles. And it is just what you seek.
We always give what you need and make your station sound distinctive, whether it is a re-sung or bespoke production. Send us a note!
Always working to improve the sound of jingles, idents, and imaging. As an audio/visual creative agency, we specialize in crafting memorable audio branding and visually stunning marketing videos and teasers. With catchy melodies, we ensure they stand out from typical jingles and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

We understand the power of effective branding and aim to create captivating earworms that stay with your audience long after they’ve heard them. Our team specializes in crafting high-impact IDs with a unique twist that sets your brand apart from the competition.

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Alongside our audio expertise, we also offer comprehensive video production services, ensuring that all aspects of your brand’s audio and visual identity are cohesive and memorable. From concept development to final delivery, we have the tools and experience to develop the greatest audio and video brands for your business.

 As an audio/visual creative agency, we provide a wide range of solutions.  Please give a watch on our YouTube channel. 



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