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Metis fm | Custom Imaging & Sung Jingles – Guyana

Caribbean AC sung Ids.

Caribbean AC Format: Original music Imaging and sung jingles: Metis FM is coming back again this year to refresh its’ imaging with an up to date package. With no more than 50 cuts, all custom made, composed and designed to keep the station fresh and trendy, this is a typical job for Reezom.

Playing Caribbean riddim and hits we had to craft the stations very own mini Caribbean hits! Metis FM is based in French Guyana.

Let us know when you need a ‘memorable’ radio Imaging, corporate song or TV jingle or video promo. Happy to help! We make Caribbean’s best and modern Jingles. Branding elements create high recall for programs and stations. Even more, because they are extensively used throughout the day. It helps memorization of the station’s name. And that is what you want the most.


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Caribbean Ac sung jingles

The station wants its listeners to taste from a fresh musical approach. Metisfm brings Reezom’s sound to the South American continent, in French Guyana. Metis FM broadcasts from Cayenne.


Play jingles individual cuts


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