REZO RADIO | Original Music and Jingles – France

Radio Imaging – Custom Music jingles France

Rezo radio jingles France!

Rezo Radio Jingles France is now on air, spreading a fresh pop and rock sound. The new sonic logo and sung signature are catchy and sticks in your mind like gum on your shoe. This jingle package is both epic and massive. Rezo Radio introduced a custom ID package from Reezom Jingles. It includes two custom suites and new top-of-hour elements. Additionally, a new sonic logo was created for the station. Interested in a custom package? Get in touch! We are both creative and affordable.

At Reezom, all jingles are customized. You can select from our pre-produced studio music and adapt your lyrics into the song. We also customize all vocals to fit your needs.

Whether you choose a re-sung or custom production, your station will sound unique. Send us a message!

We specialize in audio branding, promo videos, and teasers. Our short-form IDs are effective and high-impact, using sung melodies that avoid the traditional jingle sound. We provide all the audio and video assets needed to build strong brands, with sonic logos that are instantly recognizable. As a full-service audio/visual creative agency, we offer comprehensive solutions. Check out our YouTube channel to see our work.


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