REZO RADIO | Original Music and Jingles – France

Radio Imaging – Custom Music jingles France

Rezo radio jingles France! It’s now on air and spreading a good, fresh flavour of pop and rock sound with a sonic logo and sung signature which sticks in mind! This jingle Package is Epic and Massive.

Rezo Radio launched a Reezom Jingles custom ID package comprising: two new custom suites; along with brand new top of hour elements. The package also saw a brand new sonic logo created for the station. Fancy getting a custom package? Get in touch!We are creative and affordable.

At Reezom, All Jingles are customized. You will be able to make your selection in our pre-produced in-house studio music and adapt your custom lyrics into the song. We can also customize all the vocals

Whether it is a re-sung or custom production, your station will sound unique. Shoot us a message!

We shape audio branding and promo videos and teasers with effective and High-impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle. We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands. And our sonic logos that are promptly recognizable. As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency. Please give a watch our YouTube channel.


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