Oldies format Rcn jingles  Image sonore chantée

RCN | Oldies format Sung jingles with choir – France

Oldies format Sung jingles with a choir:

Reezom’s creative team faced the challenge of crafting a cohesive, custom-made Oldies format with powerful branding sounds across diverse musical directions. The result is a jingles package comprising around fifty cuts, featuring a dynamic choir.

This project serves as a compelling showcase of how a classic hit radio format can maintain a current and even trendy appeal. We specialize in creating jingles, music for advertising, and station branding, offering cutting-edge audio production and recording. Few things establish a stronger connection between a station brand and its listeners than well-crafted jingles. Explore the variety of cuts in the playlist below to truly appreciate the creativity and versatility we bring to each project.

In the realm of creative, out-of-the-box marketing, finesse and a deep understanding of sound communication are crucial. Audio branding, with its primary advantage of speed, plays a pivotal role. To capture the attention of consumers and ensure recall, running advertisements multiple times a day is often necessary. Sound, due to its rapid impact, becomes a powerful tool to solidify your brand in the minds of your audience.

As a full-service audio/visual creative agency, we not only excel in audio production but also offer trendy commercial video production to revitalize your company’s brand. Using motion design, animation, and visual effects, we create impactful moving image content suitable for various media and clients.

Our creative services

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