Resung station Ids for CHR format

News 19 Oct 16

Sunfm jingles package will fit perfectly on a modern hit  CHR radio station. Every single cuts match wonderfully with an CHR Playlist with warm and ”a touch of soul” vocals. Definetly if your station is an uptempo HotAC or CHR  radio station, this package is a sure Hit !

Resung Jingles Package for AC format

News 19 Oct 16

Mix 98 package is for AC format with a modern touch and perfectly blends in with your AC PLaylist

The best choice you could make if your programming is  a 50/50 mix of all-time favourites and latest hits.

A effective, powerfull and affordable starter package for any station looking for a professional  “On air” sound and branding.

M105: New tag line and new jingles

News 29 Aug 16

This package portrays a true musical value that allows this station to mark its difference and to better sell its image amongst advertisers. New tag line on  M105 new jingles. In short a brand new package but still crafted but still with the same branding integration recipies…

New station Ids for CIMS FM

News 29 Aug 16

CIMS FM mandate our studio to renew their On-air Imaging. The overall packages contain up to 40 jingles each and for the project the clients opted to vary the sound by commissioning 10 variations in each theme. This is the best option to ensure delivery of short and creative elements whilst ensuring a perfect and smooth transition between each track. A signature sound, sung and customized to ensure greater impact and better listener retention

Radio 8 : New jingles package

News 22 Jul 16

Radio 8 has just acquired brand new Imaging. It contains a series of 5 packages and top schedules, means about fifty re-sung jingles. This is a musical subculture that allows this Radio Station to set up a customized signature sound, through themes and variations that all sound different and unique.

New Country jingles for Attraction Radio

News 27 Jun 16

New Country: Reezom is also responsible for the sonic ID and jingles of the new show “New Country” on Attraction Radio. It is broadcast on 105.5 and 101.5 FM in the Chaudiere-Appalaches region. A new package for the station consists of 7 cuts including bed, ramp, opening&close + jingles and sweepers. Reezom is a creative studio that gives a global approach to branding via video, sound design and graphics.

Brand new jingles for Radio Plus

News 12 Jun 16

Radio plus Brand new jingles for Radio Plus, a radio station based in north of France. This sound IDs remains in the continuation of the previous IDs we had produced. It is a production that blends all elements together with the other sound IDs broadcast on air. This production can be heard on the Radio Plus page or on ourSoundcloudpage.

New jingles package for Capsao

News 12 Jun 16

We have carefully created a package of 30 jingles, all uniquely different but always uniquely identifiable and on brand. The package also follows our branding integration philosophy which is to produce creative versions that sit sonically within a stations playlist and overall sound. A bespoke package made so that each single station iD and melody is like a sonic extension of the music played and gives the listener an irresistible urge to sing the name of the brand.

Nayad TV Ads – french commercial

News 12 Jun 16

Nayad TV & Radio commercials TV and Radio commercials. We have created a new advertisement for Nayad. It is a TV promo with a music base composed in our studio, as all tracks we produce, and has a sonic logo and a song to accompany it. It takes right ingredients to make a mark in a competitive market and to get noticed in often overcrowded ad spaces. It is an advertisement that highlights professionalism of the haidresser shop throught the quality of execution… An advertisement that appropriately advocates the product’s promise. Check it out on the Nayad page or on our Youtube channel.

New station Ids ‘’made by’’ Reezom Canada

News 02 Jun 16

CHGA: Reezom has been in charge of producing Sung IDs for CHGA Radio in the Gatineau Valley – Canada. The Imaging has been produced by re sing technique which is based on reusing the music bases composed by our studio. This technique allows the programmer to easily select musical melodies for the jingles but unlike other studios, we recreate and re sing all vocal lines and so the station Ids can be made as personalized as possible. The result? The Radio station gets unique and creative jingles that sound like a custom for the price of a resing. It is easier for a station to position itself in the market with that kind of product than with a simple copy of an existing package. “Each station has its own challenges and its own music and branding solution.”