Jingles and Branding

When Brand Matters

We produce trendy radio jingles (station IDs), TV branding and Audio Branding for effective commercials. Give your brand a strong presence and get proven sonic branding at surprisingly affordable prices.

Radio Jingles

Make sing you brand. Sound different, catchy and powerful. Tailored for any format. Talk to us about your sonic identity.

TV Idents

Branding for your production Tv Channels, In-shows logos & tv show openers. We create snappy and engaging audio - visual brand identities.


we create unique, fun and, most importantly, memorable brand jingles and video ads but also budget sensitive. Increasing overall brand recognition.
#audio & video ads


Improve your brand’s perception. More than just beautiful work, we punch above by focusing on the thing that will deliver the biggest results.

Be remarkable.

Answering your questions, find creative and
optimized solutions is also part of our job.

We shape identities.

#STATION BRANDING: Sonic and video items to enhance your stations and show's DNA.
#ADVERTISING JINGLES: Combining music with your brand is powerful and generate instant brand recognition.
#COMMERCIALS: Custom music and visuals to empower your message AND Brand.