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Radio Commercial

Here are the latest productions, sound logo design, and audio logo commercial for A TO Z .  Company is based in Malta. A new customized audio identity allows the company to impose a sound mark. It will support its strategic and tactical vision to meet its audio communication needs. We help brands realize the full potential of audio branding.

Designing your audio experience with a unique style and technique that fits your brand is a skill we have: We are specialists in creating brands with music. The result is an original musical piece that works as a memoriser to the listeners of your public space, your store, and most importantly, your company’s sonic branding as an entity in its surroundings… It has the advantage of being much more sustainable in terms of efficiency, adaptability, and memorability.

Focussing on the Brand rather than advertising

has the advantage of being much more sustainable. As the market gets ever more competitive, an audio brand that can be easily remembered can be the difference between your products being sold and them remaining on the shelf. Audio branding matters for one specific reason: speed. Usually, to capture the attention of the end consumer, and stimulate recall you’d have to run your advertisement several times a day. Our creative team is ready to help you develop a strong message that will build recognition for your brand. Please have a look at our promo videos and visual production work.

Promotional videos are the best way to promote your business, promote a product, or simply explain something. We know how important an effective and professional video is in the world of business today. That’s why we offer various packages and styles of commercials that are exclusively designed to help you enhance your sonic branding and reach your target audience more effectively… Get in touch here.

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