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Country POP | Country Jingles – Canada

Country Pop 103,1 FM, Country Jingles, Quebec.

We have just produced the sonic signature of FM103,1 Country Pop. Another radio station that trusts us with the production of Country jingles. A starter package of jingles with a top schedule, but also the creation of its signature song. The jingles are re-sung on our “in-house” musical base. This allows us to have all the flexibility possible to adapt the signature and the vocal lines, in addition to offering this station a unique identity that will never be heard elsewhere than on its airwaves. A major asset in a competitive market. Jingles Country Quebec
A sonic ID, an imaging package, is one of the key elements in the communication of radio stations. Taking care of your information and station jingles means strengthening your station’s image. A few easily memorable musical notes. An identifiable voice, and a catchy and rewarding slogan, that’s what are needed to start memorization.
Please contact us for more information and prices. Whether it’s a retread, a musical jingle or a customized creation, we will offer you a solution adapted to your needs. Branding, i.e. sound jingles and logos, allow you to impose a distinctive sound marker on your listeners from the start.

Don’t forget to check out the promos, videos and visuals we produce on our channel. This, too, is something that can help you to make your listeners remember the program.



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