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Martinique Surfing | Visuals and TV commercials – Martinique

TV commercials – teasers: The MSS Team association called on the Reezom realization team to produce and design a brand new Video, a teaser and all graphics to promote this new inescapable new event in the calendar of World Surfing to be held in the Caribbean. There’s no perfect formula for TV ads. However, certain ads have an invisible quality that allows them to break through into the public consciousness, and even more when you add a custom music base (and a sound design signature- soniic logo). Tag line and jingle is one of the ways to  make people remenber your brand or your product and engages the consumer. It is best done with an icon, a grabbing tag line, a memorable jingle with the icon and the brand tied together.  Finally To stand out and become memorable, it must be unconventional but creating unconventional takes time and time is money. But result is usually awesome and much more profitable for the brand.

This teaser is the the second in the series intended to promote the brand of Martinique Surfing.

 TV et web video teaser


Martinique surfing club

HOT HOT HOT. Would you dare to say you will not try surf or visit Martinique after watching that TV Ad ?

TV commercial and teasers

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