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SUNFM | Radio jingles station Ids – Ukrainia

SUN FM – Sung Ids – Ukrainia

Available for resing! What can distinguish SUN FM in the Ukrainian radio landscape? definitely the station’s on-air branding, their sung ids!
Sunfm jingles package fits perfectly on a modern hit CHR radio station. Every single cuts match wonderfully with a CHR Playlist with warm and ”a touch of the soulful vocals. If your station is an uptempo HotAC or CHR radio station, this package is a sure hit!
Once again a radio station in Ukraine has commissioned us to produce a set of sung jingles. And once again, we produce modern and trendy jingles. As we try to tell you “you don’t have to be big, you have to be remarkable” From now on, listen to our Ukrainian Sung IDs by Reezom in Ukrainia.
Our packages allow you to choose your musical bases from a great selection of different styles, all made in our studio so that you can make it fit your on-air playlist. This
low cost package gets the sound identity process started. 

Radio packaging and jingles allow you to create a unique listening experience.  As a reminder:

  • Jingle : a sound item usually 5 to 15 seconds long, which incorporates your station’s name and tag line. and  more if you choose our creativ’pack option
  •  Sweeper & Stinger : a 3 to 5 Fx or musical sound element that is essentially used to punch
  • TOH: a sound item of 8 to 20 seconds that sets the pace for your antenna over 24 hours
  • Radio promo : a 15 to 30 second sound cut to quickly inform your listeners of the next programme and encourage them to stay tuned.

Don’t forget to also look at what we produce in video promos and visual branding and commercials.



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