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RADIO ST-MARTIN | Caribbean sung jingles – Sint Maarten

Radio St.Martin Hot Caribbean sung Ids

La VOIX FM 101.5 Radio Saint Martin just launched a Reezom Jingles resing (recall tracks) ID package comprising 16 cuts; This package also saw a brand new sonic logo created for the station. Caribbean sung jingles, resing from recall tracks available in our in-house music library.

This Family Station is here to bring our community closer with live entertaining and informative talk shows that cover the latest in local news, local events, politics, and weather updates. The VOICE of St. Maarten, So sit back and enjoy Radio St Martin and our Caribbean sung jingles, people at the station will be glad to have you aboard.  

At Reezom, our Caribbean sung jingles are completely customizable. This means we take our pre-produced, in-house studio music and tailor it to fit your specific lyrics. Not only that, but we can also personalize all the vocals to suit your station perfectly.

Our focus always remains on evolving jingles, idents, and imaging sounds. This drive has led us to create audio branding, promo videos, and teasers that utilize short-form IDs with impactful sung melodies. Our goal is to avoid the typical jingle sound while maximizing recall. We provide all the necessary audio and video assets to build robust brands, creating memorable earworms and catchy jingles.

Additionally, we specialize in crafting audio logos that are instantly recognizable, giving your station a unique identity. Being a comprehensive audio/visual creative agency, we offer a complete range of services. Check out our YouTube channel.  to see some of our work!

Feel free to reach out to us. Shoot us a message!
And explore how our customizable Caribbean sung jingles and audio branding can elevate your station’s identity and make it stand out.


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