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Audio branding, DNA and logo ident

The logo ident (or brand jingle) is the sound equivalent of the visual graphic logo. We designed, for CCI Martinique, a unique sound identity (audio DNA) and a distinctive audio logo (audio branding). The creation of an effective audio and video marketing strategy now completes the audio identity of the CCI in Martinique.

With an original musical production to preserve the authenticity of the marketing sound environment of the CCIM, the memorization of the brand is optimal. Thanks to this sound branding, the CCIM imposes a sound mark on listeners and on its global communication efforts. Sonic branding makes your brand sound and, even more, gets it recalled or remembered.

Memorability is the key for good business. Audio branding is a great way to quickly capture the attention of an end consumer, imprint your brand identity in their memory, and increase recall. This sound branding is the foundation of a musical branding concept. The longevity of the audio identity is a critical aspect of the creative process, making it a wise long-term investment. All of these components serve to support the core values, image, and demographic of the brand. It creates a consistent and sustainable way to differentiate and position oneself. But sonic branding is a much more powerful way to capture your audience’s attention and ‘cement’ your brand in their mind because of the speed at which you can do it.

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Audio branding or sound branding

is the starting point in the creative musical branding concept. With this in mind, the longevity of the audio identity is one of the most important goals of the creative process. It must be thought out as a long-term investment. We see these elements as the backbone of your brand, supporting your core values, image and potential target groups. It must be a coherent, sustainable way to position and differentiate yourself.

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Audio – ident and audio DNA

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