Reinvent a brand in an authentic way! RBR by reezom

RBR | Reinvent a Brand, producing Imaging – Martinik

Radio Jingles 19 Jul 17

Reinvent a brand in an authentic way ! For the third time RBR came to us to update its Station Imaging. Still the same vibe, same reciepy. Always the same creativity and originality even if we sung on Resing tracks but, far way from the usual resing,  simple copie of an existing and reused idea. Just keeping our job creative as usual.



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Empower the Brand:

Empower the Brand: Each jingle is a perfect match with the Hits, Zouk and Dancehall playlist. Because of Reezom’s work, RBR is now very clearly identifiable in Martinique. Forteen Jingles all custom made.

Audio demo


Play jingles individual cuts

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